The Hidden Paradise

İğneada is a beautiful holiday destination of Kırklareli, the city which has the longest 61 Km beach of Turkey in Black Sea. İğneada is just 3 hours away from İstanbul and besides the Bulgaria border. You are invited to explore the hidden paradise settled at the footsteps of Yıldız Mountains which attracts many tourists with beautiful nature. İgneada hosts longoz, flood plain forests, containing 6 fresh water lakes where migrating wild birds in North European path gives break.

When you come to this lost paradise one day, leave behind what you have experienced, what you could not experience, what you have gained, what you have lost until today, the injustices you have undergone, the disloyalties you have experienced, your disappointments, the moments when you were destroyed, devastated, ruined for all those years. Forget about them even for a moment. And deliver yourself to the arms of this lost paradise, feeling that you are a particle in the infinity of the cosmos where we exist.

Lean your back against one of the trees in the forest or one of the huge rocks on the beach; close your eyes and listen to what the birds, insects, leaves, wind, waves, shortly, this geography, whispers to you. Try to understand them. A bud which is preparing to become a flower, a butterfly which has only one day left to live or an oyster by the seaside, the rocks on the beach which have been making love with the white foams of the vicious waves of the Black Sea for centuries might have secrets which they want to tell only to you, to share only with you. Everyone and everything has a story. If you really try to listen to them, you will definitely hear what they are saying to you. Even the footsteps of the tiny ant. Just want it. Maybe they have reserved the best things they are ever to tell for you.

When the sun sets over Mahya Hill and the evening arrives, the sound of the wind blowing from the legendary Istranca Mountains meet the sound of the vicious waves of the Black Sea on the beach. When you sit on the sand and close your eyes, you will hear this symphony.

Who knows, maybe the sound of flutes played by poets of Thyn which gave İğneada the name of Thynias in Ancient Ages, will come and mix with these sounds…